Feel free to consult us about diving and sightseeing in Saipan

Our staff will accompany you with a digital camera!!
Your photos on CD will be given for FREE!!
Free pick-up services to and from your hotel accomodated with free drinks.

Our Staff

Yusuke Sami


Hi, My name is Sami Yusuke a PADI Instructor

Please call me Yusuke!


I’m a diver with 17 years of diving experience.

We will pick you up with a F-150 ! One of our huge company trucks!

Please let me help you guide and dive around the island of Saipan!


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Hideyuki Kaya


I go fishing whenever I’m off.

I always cook my catch! Fish tastes great when you caught it!

When I catch big fish, I would bring my customers to eat with me!

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Jay “Furbz” Santos


Jay “Furbz” Santos
PADI Dive Master
Hafa Adai!
My name is Jay!
I am born and raised in Saipan
I know all the great spots in Saipan
Please let me help you make your stay in Saipan enjoyable!

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Kazuaki Togo


How do you do?
I’m Togo, NAUI instructor.
I have been diving and guide in Saipan for about 3 years.
My favorite style of diving is drift diving which allows me to feel the sensational freedom and to appreciate the clear visibility of Saipan`s dive sites.
While diving, i like finding small and tiny creatures of the ocean.
If you have any particular way of diving in your mind, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
I look forward to assisting you soon.

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Contact Information

670-789-7727 Jay Santos (English)

670-789-8431 Yusuke Sami (Japanese)

670-789-8324 Kazuaki Togo (Japanese)

Contact information through LINE or Whatsapp application:

Line ID: jayfurbz
Whatsapp ID: jayfurbz