Saipan Diving・About North-side Sightseeing、FAQ。

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About Fun Diving

Q1 When I arrive in Saipan, Can I dive as soon as possible?
A1 It is possible to dive as soon as you arrive!
It is possible to dive even at early morning, or in the afternoon!
Q2 In one day how many dives can I do?
A2 A regular one day dive, consists of two dives in the morning, and two dive in the morning! Sunrise and night dives are also a great option to take! Although you can do more than four dives in one day, more than four dives a does take a toll on you.
Q3 Some customers request a Grotto dive, but are worried if they might become a “Blank” diver.
A3 We would recommend doing a dive at an easier point first, establishing confidence and experience before diving in the Grotto.
Because our company does dives with a small amount of people, we will ensure while you are diving, complete safety and an enjoyable experience.
Q4 I want to dive in Tinian is it possible?
A4 From Saipan it takes about one hour from boat. With water visibility of over 100 feet, divers from any level of experience are welcome to join!

About Introduction to Diving

Q1 I want to dive with a friend that doesn’t have a license.
A1 Yes, it is possible.
Diving License is mandatory for the “Fun Diving Course”.
Instead, the license holder can join the “Intro Diving Course” together with their unlicensed accompany. The first dive will consist of lessons in the shallow waters, and on the second dive, we will take it a bit further depending the the guest’s level and capability.
Q2 I want to join intro diving with my child, is that possible?
A2 It is possible, as long as the child is older than 9 years old. For more information please contact us.
Q3 I’ve done a lot of “Intro to Diving” courses in the past. Is there any way I can join a full scale dive?
A3 We are not able to offer “Fun Diving” to an un-licensed customer, but depending on the condition of the water, we can bring you to the best location possible for that course. We also offer “Intro to Boat Diving” to experienced customers where they can enjoy a full-scale experience from the first dive.

About License Course

Q1 Can we take the lesson from another place such as Japan?
A1 Yes! It is possible. We can introduce another dive shop that will teach you the lessons.
Q2 I have a “Diving License from a different organization, is it possible to take the “PADI Advanced Course”?
A2 It is possible, please contact us for more details.
Q3 I have never dove before, am I required to take another course before taking the “Open Water Diving Course”?
A3 It’s not necessary.

Method of Payment, Cancellation Policy, etc…

Q1 Is credit card accepted?
A1 We are sorry for the inconvenience, we accept US dollar as payment.
Q2 How is the cancellation policy?
A2 100% of your tour fee will be charged in case of cancellation or modification of your reservation starting one day prior to the date of your reservation (Saipan Local Time). The cancellation charge will apply under any circumstances unless the instructor judges that the ocean condition is not safe.
Q3 Is there any Hotel recommendations?
A3 Yes, we can arrange reservations for the hotel in the link below
Himawari Hotel


Contact Information

670-789-7727 Jay Santos (English)

670-789-8431 Yusuke Sami (Japanese)

670-789-8324 Kazuaki Togo (Japanese)

Contact information through LINE or Whatsapp application:

Line ID: jayfurbz
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