Trial Diving

Welcome to Marine Quest  Experience the most enjoyable Trial Diving in Saipan!

Our staff accompany you with a digital camera
Your photos on CD will be given for free
Free shuttle services to and from your Hotels and free drinks

Trial Diving

A memorable photo of Trial Diving


Feel the fascination of the diving

Trial Diving with Marine Quest gives the most exciting and adventurous diving experience for beginners.
We  propose the  best, suitable  and safe spots where you can enjoy sea of Saipan to the full.
Our policy of small group and complete support from our staff can take you to the world famous Grotto!
However Grotto diving requires two dives.
Please don’t hesitate to ask anything about your individual planning,
We are ready to do our best.

Can’t swim, or a beginner, those are the least concern.
Everyone is a beginner when starting a new thing

Why don’t you try diving only Saipan can offer


Archives of our visitors’ photo

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Time required for courses

1 Dive    around 3 hours
2 Dive    around 4 hours
Shuttle service time to and from your hotels included



Trial Diving

1 Dive$60!!
2 Dive$100!!(usual price$120)

Above charges include equipment charge and no other payment required

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Contact Information

670-789-7727 Jay Santos (English)

670-789-8431 Yusuke Sami (Japanese)

670-789-8324 Kazuaki Togo (Japanese)

Contact information through LINE or Whatsapp application:

Line ID: jayfurbz
Whatsapp ID: jayfurbz