Snorkeling in Saipan is Marine Quest’s specialty.

Our staff accompany you with a digital camera
Your photos on CD will be given for free
Free shuttle services to and from your Hotels and free drinks

Snorkeling Tour at Grotto

Photo Taken in Grotto

Too Beautiful for Words

Too Beautiful for Words

Snorkeling allows you to enjoy the sea of Saipan without carrying heavy equipment.
The tour takes just several hours, so you can join us easily in your loose hours.
A professional Japanese PADI instructor takes you safely to the mysterious blue world in a small group.
We also offer you customized tours that reflect your desires.
Talk to a member of staff if you are interested.

Clownfish Tour

Photo Taken in Clownfish Tour

Clownfish swim cutely

Clownfish swim cutely

This tour is to see clownfish, well known on “”Finding Nemo””.
We also offer a lesson on Snorkeling for beginners, which non-swimmers and children can take part in.
As clownfish are very shy, they would hide if you come close quickly.
Please take a careful look.
When you find clownfish family, don’t miss the baby fish!
In addition to clownfish, you can see many tropical fish and colorful coral leaf, etc.
A professional instructor takes you safely in a small group.

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Required Time

2 and a half hours
Shuttle service time to and from your hotels included



Fee for Snorkeling
You can pay in Japanese yen!! (At 110 yen to a dollar.)
Snorkeling Tour at Grotto
$25 is an additional fee of sightseeing.
If you join snorkeling only, the fee is $50.
Clownfish Tour
$25 is an additional fee of sightseeing.
If you join snorkeling only, the fee is $50.



Want to enjoy snorkeling more?

Want to enjoy snorkeling more?


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