Recommended Hotel

We will show you the recommended hotel in Saipan. Please use the hotel.

Our staff accompany you with a digital camera
Your photos on CD will be given for free
Free shuttle services to and from your Hotels and free drinks

Recommended Hotel

Himawari Hotel

Deluxe Room
Small single

The Himawari Hotel is Japanese-owned hotel opened June 2006.
Located in Garapan area, the downtown of Saipan, a 5-minute walk to DFS. Also, you can go shopping, to the beach, or to restaurants on foot.
The hotel is located in a quiet residential area which is in eastern Garapan, so the area around the hotel is safe, quiet and relaxing.
Also, free Internet connection service (free Wi-Fi) is available in every room.
For long-term guests or anyone who doesn’t mind cooking, we also offer rooms with kitchens.
At the requests of backpackers and guesthouse users, super-cheap small single rooms are available.
In addition, deluxe rooms have been newly set for guests who prefer relaxing at spacious rooms.
We also have rental bicycles for active people. (Also available for non-user of the hotel) For guest of our hotel, the fee is $8 per day.
We provide cell-phone rental service. You just necessary to pay the transmission charge. (Rental charge free) You can make domestic/overseas calls for $1 per minute.
The hard-core practice center (multipurpose hall), which has been built on the 4th floor, can be used for kendo, judo, and other martial arts, or dance.
We also offer plans for training camps.

Himawari Hotel


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