Greedy Saipan tour

Sightseeing in Saipan Island is Marine Quest’s specialty.

Our staff accompany you with a digital camera
Your photos on CD will be given for free
Free shuttle services to and from your Hotels and free drinks

Island Sightseeing Tour (Basic Course)

Photo on The Island Sightseeing

Taken at Last Command Post

Taken at Last Command Post

Saipan is not just about the sea and diving, but also you may discover scenic spots and heritages such as Banzai Cliff, Last Command Post,Suicide Cliff, Grotto, Bird Island, etc.
We will guide through these sightseeing spots in Saipan.
If you have any request for changes of tourist routes or snorkeling point, feel free to consult us.

Basic fee: $40 per person
Destinations: Banzai Cliff, Last Command Post, Bird Island, Grotto
Required Time: 2 and a half hour


Optional Tour



The highest peak at the center of Saipan Island.
Despite being highest, it is 474m high. (Not at all high!)
However, 360-degree panoramic view from the summit is spectacular.
You can look over the Pacific, Philippine Sea, Tinian Island, and the Rota Island.

Additional Fee:$20
Required Time: About an hour

2Trial Diving

Trial Diving

Trial Diving with Marine Quest gives the most exciting and adventurous diving experience for beginners.
We propose the best, suitable and safe spots where you can enjoy sea of Saipan to the full.
As a small group you can have a complete support from our staff.
Can’t swim, or a beginner, those are the least concern.
Everyone is a beginner when starting a new thing.

Additional Fee: $60
Required Time: Half a day

3Snorkeling at Grotto

Snorkeling at Grotto

Snorkeling allows you to enjoy the sea of Saipan without carrying heavy equipment.
The tour takes just several hours, so you can join us easily in your loose hours.
A professional Japanese PADI instructor takes you safely to the mysterious blue world in a small group.

Additional Fee$25
Required Time: About an hour


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Island Sightseeing Tour (Basic Course) $40
Mt.Tapochau $20

Trial Diving $60

Snorkeling at Grotto $25

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