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Saipan Diving Points and Sightseeing locations.

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Saipan Location Map


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2.Banzai Cliff
3.Last Command Post
4.Suicide Cliff
6.Bird Island



The highest peak at the center of Saipan Island.
Despite being highest, it is 474m high. (Not at all high!)
However, 360-degree panoramic view from the summit is spectacular.
You can look over the Pacific, Philippine Sea, Tinian Island, and the Rota Island.

2Banzai Cliff

Banzai Cliff

During the Pacific War, many Japanese soldiers and civilians cornered by American troops jumped into the sea from this cliff with arms up in the air, shouting “”Tenno-Heika, Banzai!””(Long live his Imperial Majesty!) After the war, this cliff came to be called “”Banzai Cliff””.
It was said that about ten thousand people committed suicides.
The sea was dyed in red with blood and filled with dead bodies.
Lately the current Emperor and Empress visited here to pray for peace for the first time as the Japanese Imperial family.
The cliff was developed as Peace Memorial Park and the memorial monument was built there.
The cliff and many memorial towers nearby are the most popular tourist sites.

3Last Command Post

Last Command Post

Last Command Post is the site of the last command center for Japanese troops, located at the foot of Suicide Cliff (Mt. Marpi).
American troops pushed into Saipan from south, and Last Command Post, which was at the north end was the last battlefield.
As the Japanese troops made a last stand there, many broken tanks and antiaircraft are left to rust.

4Suicide Cliff

Suicide Cliff

At the end of the Pacific War, many Japanese soldiers and civilians refused to surrender to America and committed suicides by jumping off the cliff. As a result, this cliff is called “Suicide Cliff”.
Similar to Banzai Cliff, area around Mt.Marpi is known for its tragedy and were developed as Peace Memorial Park and many memorial monuments were built there.



Come and go from the three grottos in lime rock.
Inside the grottos, the mysterious world consisting of lights streaming from many angles, dark grotto inside and the blue water are beyond description.
Thanks to the tide, you may see schools of Barracudas and bigeye kingfish.
Helfrichi, lives in deep water is beautiful vivid fish.

6Bird Island

Bird Island

Bird Island is made of eroded lime stone.
The blue ocean and white island form a beautiful contrast.
The lime stone of the island allows mineral-rich grass to grow, and many sea birds live in the caves on the rocks. Then, this island is called “Bird Island


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