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It’s Finally Sunny!

It’s finally sunny today!!! Hot Saipan is back!!! But Typhoon still blows at the eastern side… Waves are large now… So I woke up early, did desk work, cared the equipment, and took no photo. :l So here I’ve uploaded the photo I took before. ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Click HERE to visit our blog! (Japanese blog will・・・

What Have You Been Doing Today?

Today is off as we have no guest. It’s been raining until now. So I’ve been sleeping all the day. Yes, just sleeping. I woke up 11AM, had lunch and went to bed at half past one and slept until seven in the evening. I’ve spent all the day in my bed… So I took・・・

Rain Girl, Cloud Girl and Rain Girl

Today we have these three guests. They’ve been friends since high school. And they go travelling together once a year!!! They are so good friends. Anyway, among today’s guest, the two are cloud girls, and another one is a rain girl. What a combination… I understood why it rained since morning… :-} But after diving・・・

Heavy Rain in the Dark in Laulau!!!

Good evening! It was terrific in Laulau!!! What was so terrific? First, we had a very heavy rain and the land slid into the sea… Look at the underwater photo taken at only three meters deep at 11AM !!! Even the light was on, you might not see anyone in the photo expect the light!!!・・・

Today’s Weather is…

> Good evening. Today I went to the southern side. As it’s been a mix of sun and storms since yesterday, it’s difficult to describe today’s weather in one word… I heard the typhoon No.20 had developed. I want to see the sun from under water. Tomorrow I will look for horse mackerel ball at・・・

Today We were in Tinian!

Good evening! Today we went to Tinian!!! It was a broken weather, but we dived calmly in the sea with over 40 meters of underwater visibility. We saw turtles, sharks, and rays in Tinian! It gets two thumbs-up!! To know more about the sea, please see our blog!!! (Link shown below)   ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Click HERE・・・

It’s Not-so-great Today…

It’s been raining since morning… It was clear and I felt warm in the morning, but it rained heavily in the afternoon… In such a unclear day, I’ll show you the photo of kingfisher, so-called “lucky bird”! Kingfisher is the national bird of Saipan!!! Seeing three kingfisher at once is said to be a charm,・・・